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Spin-off of the University of Luxembourg

Specialized in socially Assistive Robotics




Socially assistive robots (SAR) teach, support and entertain people through social interaction.

SARs can address various populations of users, ranging in age, impairment and need, such as children with special educational needs like autistic children or seniors with different medical conditions and disabilities. Applications for SAR include rehabilitation assistance for repetitive tasks such as those in post-stroke recovery, exercise therapy for Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive disabilities, companionship roles in nursing homes, and social mediation for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

SAR has the potential to combine the massive replication and standardization of computer technology with the benefits of learning in a social and tangible (hands-on) context.

The goal of the socially assistive robots is not to replace existing therapies and therapists, but to augment current options and allow for greater flexibility for both patients and therapists.




Smart and User-Friendly Socially Assistive Robots for Everyone


LuxAI uses the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence and robot-therapy in building social robots to assist people. Our mission is to make socially assistive robots economical and user-friendly in order to enable all teachers, therapists and care givers to use advanced robots in their everyday work of improving the health and education of people.


Our disruptive software technology enables all teachers, therapists and care-givers to learn in a few minutes how to use our robot and create customized robot applications to meet the unique needs of different teaching or therapeutic activities and individuals.




Founder & CEO

PhD in AI & Robotics from

University of Luxembourg & University of Utrecht


Co-Founder & CMO

Medical doctor from Hamadan university of medical science

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