QT for research

QTrobot For Research

Your Smart Research Fellow

QTrobot For


Robotic and Engineering Researchers

Effortless platform for development and research


Develop effortlessly with Intel NUC, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and native ROS interface with no need for cross compilation.



Use QTrobot as a standalone system for research, development and teaching using QTrobot's connections for external LCD, keyword/mouse and Network.


QTrobot For


Human Science Researchers

Programmable By Everyone

With QTrobot you can design and build your own specific applications and programs without the need to have robotic scientists beside you.


Working with graphical interface of QTrobot is as easy as working with a smart phone. Just with drag and drop you can put different components together and build an advanced complex application.

QTrobot is the perfect research fellow for researchers in the field of human science, psychology, healthcare and education, who have no expertise in programming

QTrobot opens up a whole new world of research possibilities for researchers in the fields of Healthcare, Psychology, education and developmental disorders.


QTrobot is designed to be very socially expressive!


By having multiple animated characters, QTrobot has a versatile face that can show different emotions based on the research design.


QTrobot can help you for data collection.

You can use QTrobot’s cameras and microphones to record video and voice from the experiment and use them for evaluation of the experiment results.



QTrobot can analyze the data from experiment for you. By using face tracking software and eye tracing software QT can give you reliable data about child level and duration of attention. Also QTrobot can analyze the improvements of the child by collecting data from the performance of the child.


QTrobot can also keep track of child progress from the beginning to the end of the experiment.

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