QT for Autism

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Exceptional Educational Aid For Autism Therapy

One decade of research shows that robots are effective in Autism therapy!

Often children with Autism have high interest in technology, specially robots. Based on this interest robots can be used to attract the attention of the child and teaching them new skills.

Robots can increase the efficiency of therapy sessions by working as a catalyst between the therapist and the child and help the child to be engaged more and for a longer period in the therapy.


Robot can also reduce the effort of the therapist by doing repetitive lessons instead of them and simplifying the tasks based on the needs of the individuals.

QTrobot's Graphical Interface

With QT you can design and build your own specific applications and programs without the need to have robotic scientists beside you.


Working with graphical interface of QT is as easy as working with a smart phone. Just with drag and drop you can put different components together and build an advanced complex application.

QTrobot's Educational Application

QTrobot comes with a set of educational application for autism therapy, designed and tested by autism professionals.


These applications are customizable based on the unique need of every therapist and child.

QTrobot For Therapists

Therapist can use our educational package or they can develop their own customised applications.

QTrobot comes with different sets of educational games and stories. It also has various dances and sports. You can immediately start therapy sessions with this pre-programmed applications or you can customize them to be more suitable for your personalized use.

What makes QTrobot interesting for autism therapy?

QTrobot has an expressive face, which shows different emotions and facial expressions.


More importantly, you can define the complexity of the emotions of QTrobot by choosing different faces for it. You can easily simplify faces and reduce the details of the facial features to make it more understandable for each individual. This ability is completely unique in the socially assistive robots

With QT you don’t need to know programing.


QT's graphical interface allows you to design customized and tailor made application for each individual, based on their unique needs and abilities, which is one of the key factors in autism therapy

QTrobot also has an expressive humanoid body. You can easily create various body gestures and movements to help children learn body language and also engage them even more in the therapy.


QTrobot's humanoid body makes it easier for children to extend what they have learned from robot to their daily interaction with humans

QTrobot at the moment is only accessible for professionals and schools.


Please leave us your contact detail if you would like to be informed when QTrobot is available for parents at home.


QTrobot For Parents






What makes QTrobot better than other technologies such as computers or tablets?


  • Embodiment is a key factor in social interaction and engagement. Physical entity and embodiment effect of the humanoid robots makes them different with other technologies such as computers and tablets. Physical existence allow the humanoid robot to express personality through gestures and body language as well as the voice and facial expressions.
  • Working with robots enables the child to extend the interactions from robot-human to human-human and can redirect child’s behaviors toward better using the social cues and personal spaces.


What are the roles of QTrobot in the therapy session?


In Autism therapy QTrobot can have different roles based of the need of the child, therapist and the content of the lesson. In an existing standard therapy method, QTrobot’s goal is to complement the existing methods without causing any unnecessary changes and duplications. QTrobot assisted therapy for Autism aims to improve the experience of both care giver and the child and to increase the efficiency and quality of the therapy session. Mainly QTrobot works as a mediator between the child and the therapist to increase the engagement of the child and simplify the lessons.

In a therapy session QTrobot can actively work as an educational tool, a tutor or an educational play partner.

QTrobot can tell social educational stories and play educational games and during the story and the game, it can teach new skills and positive social behaviors.



Will QTrobot replace the role of therapists in Autism?


Socially Assistive robots do not aim to replace the care givers and therapist. Their goal is to assist care givers and to reduce their effort in the class room. Mainly these robots should be considered as an educational toll to simplify the education in the class room and increase the efficiency of the sessions.


Who can use QTrobot?


Any teacher, therapist and even parent of an Autistic child can use QTrobot.

QT robot has been designed for usage of people who don’t have programing and robotic back ground. Interface of the QT robot enables any Autism specialist to design new applications or customize existing applications in a way that is more useful for their specific use.

Anyone who is able to use a smart phone, can learn how to use QTrobot only in the matter of few minutes.



What else than teaching QTrobot can do?


QT can be even a good play partner for the children in their leisure time. It can keep the children occupied with dancing, doing sports and telling stories for them.


Does QTrobot have pre-programed applications?


QT comes with different sets of educational games and stories. It also has various dances and sports. You can immediately start therapy sessions with this pre-programmed applications or you can customize them to be more suitable for your personalized use.




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